Photography Policy

The Howard County Conservancy’s 232 acre farm provides a beautiful backdrop for photography. We welcome the opportunity to host photographers and their clients on the posedportrait_roachegrounds, but we must ensure minimal interruption of Conservancy events and damage to sensitive areas on the property. We invest substantial funding and effort each year to ensure the grounds and buildings are maintained. To aid the many requests for posed photo shoots, the Conservancy is implementing an Annual Photography Pass at a fee of $125 per calendar year. Fees collected from the Annual Photography Pass directly support these efforts.

For the purpose of this policy, a Professional Photographer is defined as someone who is being paid to take photographs on the Conservancy property. This includes amateurs acting in the role of professional photographer. Photography Passes are not required by professional photographers during the time period their client has rented the Conservancy facilities for special events. Regardless of whether the group is using a professional photographer, groups of more than 10 persons that use the grounds for an organized event/photo session must have an outdoor area reservation with us ($250). This includes prom/homecoming/class photos. Contact our event manager to arrange this reservation.

Conservancy events and rentals receive priority access and no other photo shoots can take place at those times. These dates will be listed on a calendar shared with registered photographers.  Photographers must review this calendar regularly and avoid photo shoots during Conservancy Events, including Conservancy rentals. Should you arrive for your photo shoot during a scheduled Conservancy event, you will not be permitted to proceed with your shoot. Occasionally, a Conservancy event may not be listed on the calendar but will receive priority, in which case photographers may be asked to relocate to another location on the property.  We will not limit the number of photo shoots during non-Conservancy event times, so please be professional and courteous with other photo shoots which may be taking place at the same time. There are many beautiful locations on the 232 preserved acres at the Howard County Conservancy for your photo shoot. Please note all content of the photo sessions must be consistent with our family friendly location.

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Steps to receive your Annual Photographer’s Pass:

1. Complete the form below

2. Pay through Paypal (please note that you do not need a Paypal account to pay by credit card)

3. Once payment is complete, choose the link “Return to Howard County Conservancy” on your receipt.  This will redirect you back to the Howard County Conservancy’s website

4. Follow the calendar link to view the photographer’s calendar.

5. Please remember to save or bookmark the calendar link for future reference

Questions? Contact us at 410/465-8877 or email

Purchase your Annual Photography Pass now using the form below:

2019 Annual Photographer Pass

  • Please complete this form to register for your 2019 Annual Photographer Pass allowing photo shoots at the Mt. Pleasant location of the Howard County Conservancy. This pass is NOT good for photo shoots at the Belmont Manor and Historic Park location.
  • Price: $125.00
  • Photographer and their assistants, clients and models will be responsible for adhering to the Site Rules during use of the Conservancy property. It is understood that the Howard County Conservancy and its directors, officers, agents, representatives and employees shall not be liable for injury to persons or property occurring in or about the premises from any cause whatsoever. The undersigned will indemnify the Howard County Conservancy and their directors, officers, agents representatives and employees and save it harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liability and expense in connection with injury to persons or property arising from the use or occupancy by photographer, their assistants, clients and models of the premises, or occasioned wholly or in part by any act or omission of photographer, its agents, employees, or invitees of photographer.