What is STEM?

-Traditionally, STEM incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  At Camp, we integrate Arts into so many of our activities, turning traditional STEM planning into STEAM! 

How does STEM/STEAM fit into Camp?

-We have always focused on science and nature at Camp, and we love to investigate over the course of our sessions and summer!  This year’s STEM Mission of the Week (MotW) will highlight the ways in which Campers use technology to solve problems, work together to design and test engineered structures and devices, and leverage mathematical reasoning to conduct science experiments. We find many imaginative ways to incorporate STEM into our daily planning; i.e. instead of a chemistry demonstration, Campers may participate in a Potion Class!  We encourage hands-on investigative learning. 

STEM Missions of the Week

Expedition: Basecamp:  Marble Run Trail Anti-Race

Using natural and recycled items, teams will design Marble Run Trails.  Start the timers!  Which Trail will let the marble run for the longest time?

Fantastic Beasts:  Creature Adventure

Photograph, describe and identify the organisms living all around us.  Discover the super powers that each one uses to survive and compete with other creatures.  Which one will come out on top?

Friends in Flight – bugs, birds, bats:   Flight Deck Engineering Design Challenge

Engineering Design Challenges this session are all about flight.  Participate in paper airplane contests, egg drop challenges, wingspan comparisons, and more.

Green STEM Camp:  Group Videography Challenge

Create a video with still or moving images to share with the Camp.  Campers will receive the Secret Topic on Monday, and groups of Campers will work together to try different methods of creating original content.  Videos will be shared at the Closing Ceremony!

Outdoor Odyssey:  Castle Crashers Design Team

Work with a team to design a castle base. Then, create a catapult to storm a different team’s base. Can your structures withstand natural disasters as well as other Campers?

Seasonal Survival:  Digital Video Creation

Adopt an animal to research.  Program a short digital video to demonstrate how your animal survives in each season!

Stream Superheroes:  Stream Safari

Create an aquatic creature and conduct water quality tests to determine the best water source for your new organism.

Water Wizards:  Wetland Geocaching

Follow the water from source to stream, learn how to navigate using a compass and hand-held GPS unit, locate wetland plants, and help your team try to earn the most points!

Photo Evidence