Campers visit the bridge over the East Branch stream during the Howard County Conservancy's summer nature day camp

Registration for Camp 2018 Sessions will be available soon!

Backpack Adventures

Trek through the hills to track wildlife, build natural shelters, and explore the wide open areas surrounding our camps!  This camp also features nature photography, orienteering, and an optional Family Camp Out on Friday night.

  • At Belmont:  July 23-27 (session 5) – Camp is full.  Waiting list is available.
  • At Mt. Pleasant: July 23-27 (session 5)


Birds, Bugs and Beyond

Can you spot camouflaged critters hiding in the forests and meadows?  Search for pollinators, log your evidence using digital photography, and assist scientists in identifying the pollinators that help our plants to grow.  Test out your aerodynamic understanding in a paper airplane contest!

  • At Belmont:  July 30-August 3 (session 6)   1 space available
  • At Mt. Pleasant: August 13 – 17 (session 8)  Camp and waiting list full.


Chesapeake Discovery

Explore the seasons and regions of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  Pick a Maryland animal as your mascot for the week, and celebrate a different season each day as you discover how wildlife adapts.  From Spring Break to Winter Solstice, this camp is fun in all seasons!  (No Camp July 4.)

  • At Belmont:  July 2, 3, 5, 6 (session 2)  1 space available
  • At Mt. Pleasant: July 2, 3, 5, 6 (session 2)  Camp is full.  Waiting list is available.


Fossils and Feathers

Explore the connection between birds and dinosaurs as you investigate fossil evidence.  Look at bones, teeth, feathers and more.  Practice your paleontological skills of observation, description, and careful excavation in our soil pit.

  • At Belmont:  July 9-13 (session 3)  Camp is full.  Waiting list is available.
  • At Mt. Pleasant: July 16-20 (session 4)  2 spaces available.


Outdoor Odyssey

Do you like to splash in puddles?  Can’t wait to see what’s around the bend on a trail?  Love to sneak up on wildlife?  Join us for a week of exploring our wetlands, forests and meadows.  Plan to get wet and dirty while investigating many habitats.

  • At Belmont:  August 6-10 (session 7)  Camp is full.  Waiting list is available.
  • At Mt. Pleasant: June 25-29 (session 1)  Camp is full.


Outdoors – Maryland!

Go back in time as you discover Maryland’s history written in the rocks, woven through native stories, and illustrated though Maryland’s state symbols.  Work with your team to reenact stories of Maryland’s history–and prehistory!  What will you find in Maryland’s great outdoors?

  • At Belmont:  July 16-20 (session 4)  11 Spaces available!
  • At Mt. Pleasant: August 6-10 (session 7)  6 Spaces available!



Grab your lab coat, goggles, and mad scientist laugh and join us in our outdoor lab!  Make potions, discover microscopic organisms all around us, and design and engineer devices to solve challenges. Use high and low-tech means to investigate habitats and learn how organisms engineer their environments to survive.

  • At Belmont:  August 13 – 17 (session 8)  Camp is full.  Waiting list is available.
  • At Mt. Pleasant: July 30 – August 3 (session 6)  Camp is full.  Waiting list is available.


Stream Superheroes

Look for life beneath the water’s surface and discover the super-powered critters that can freeze solid, scuba-dive, build trap doors and more. Develop your own Superhero and show off your abilities in an all-camp game.

  • At Belmont:  June 25 – 29 (session 1)  Camp is full.
  • At Mt. Pleasant: July 9-13 (session 3)  Camp is full.  Waiting list is available.

Tracks and Trails

Hit the trails to walk where few have gone before. Locate deer trails, find woodpecker holes, roll logs and search for salamanders.  Wildlife may lay low in the summer heat, but campers will track them high and low through the forests surrounding our Camps.  Meet animal visitors each day in this special session of Summer Camp!

  • At Mt. Pleasant only:  August 20 – 24 (session 9)  Camp is full.  Waiting list is available.
  • Camp Day 8:30 – 4:00; No Extended Day options available
  • Cost: $300, including special events each day
  • Limit: 30 campers ages 6 – 12